Current Grants

MRC Career Development Award:

Title: Colliding crises: antimicrobial resistance and ageing

Funder MRC

This project will use data analysis and mathematical modelling to explore patterns in antimicrobial resistance prevalence by age and gender. My collaborators include Julie Robotham (UKHSA), Ben Cooper (Uni. of Oxford), Benn Sartorious (GRAM, Uni. of Oxford), Rene Niehus (Harvard) and Catrin Moore (SGUL).


Title: Selecting Efficient Farm-level Antimicrobial Stewardship Interventions from a one health perspective (SEFASI)


This project[] will analyse data from England, Denmark and Senegal to determine the cross-sectoral impact of antimicrobial usage interventions at the farm level. We will use statistical and mathematical modelling paired with economic anlaysis and expert elicitation to rank interventions.

My role (PI) is to co-ordinate the project, with a Deputy PI in Nichola Naylor at the UKHSA. We supervise a research fellow Eve Emes to provide country level data analysis and to further develope the framework for cross-sectoral evaluation which is currently under review (pre-print here). Our collaborators are Dagim Belay (Uni. of Copenhagen), Michel Dione (ILRI) and Javier Guitian(RVC).

Pfizer / ISID joint award:

Title: Implementation of syndrome-level empiric antibiotic recommendations using the AR:IA app: a pilot study in Lusaka, Zambia

Funder Pfizer / ISID

This project will collect data on AMR prevalence in Zambia to pilot and support further development of our AR:IA app developed for the Wellcome Data AMR Surveillance ReUse Prize.

My role (coPI) is to co-ordinate the project and develop the open-access empiric prescribing app in discussion with Zambian clinical collaborators to optimise support for empiric prescribing guideline formation by allowing for local resistance prevalence to be uploaded to the app. The main PI is Sombo Fwoloshi (University Teaching Hospital (UTH), Lusaka, Zambia). Our co-Is are at the University Teaching Hospital / Kanyama General Hospital (Uchizi Chola, Kaunda Yamba), Zambart (Sarah Lou Bailey) and Brighton Lusaka Health Link (Lusaka: A Kalungia.Brighton: J. Islam, A St. Clair Jones, S Lippett and FL Rees) and LSHTM (Dr A. Aiken).

Past awards

NIHR-UKRI COVID-19 funding award:

Title: Nosocomial transmission of SARS-CoV-2


This one year post will look at the spread of SARS-CoV-2 within UK hospitals. The aim is to determine the contribution of transmission in this setting to the overall epidemic in the first 6 months of 2020.

This is a team effort. I am the PI but will work closely with the co-PIs of: Julie Robotham and Stephanie Evans at PHE, Ben Cooper at Oxford University and Jon Read at Lancaster University.

For more information about some of the results of this project you can see a talk by Jon and I here.

MRC Skills Development Fellowship:

Title: The dynamics of drug resistance within hospital populations of Gram-negative bacteria

Funder MRC

I have a 3 year Skills Development fellowship (2017-2020) to construct mathematical models of drug resistance.

My collaborators are from Imperial College London (Alison Holmes), PHE (Julie Robotham, Susan Hopkins, Alan Johnson), Uppsala University (Dan Andersson), and my mentor at LSHTM is Graham Medley.


Aim: To increase our understanding of transmission success to better control MRSA

Funder EU funded Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance JPIAMR

I have funding for a 6month postdoc to explore the reasons for clonal dynamics in MRSA (Anneke de Vos).

I am a collaborator on this grant which is lead by Margreet Vos at Erasmus University Medical Center. Other collaborators include Jodi Lindsay at St George’s, University of London, the University of Lyon and the Dutch National Institute for public health and environment.

Modeling Infectious Diseases in Healthcare Network (MIND-Healthcare)

Aims: To investigate similarities and differences in interventions for carbapenem resistance control between the UK and USA and to develop new models of carbapenem resistance spread

Funder CDC through the MIND-Healthcare Network

We have funding for a 1.5yr postdoc to analyse data and construct models of CRE spread (Andrea Weisse).

I am now an external collaborator on this grant, awarded whilst I was at Imperial College London, lead by Eili Klein at the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy. Other collaborators include Imperial College London (Alison Holmes), Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MathEcology, University of Maryland.

Vaccines and MDR-TB

Aim: To estimate the heath impact, cost-effectiveness and budget impact of novel TB vaccines on MDR-TB

Funder AERAS

I am consulting on this project lead by Richard White.

Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH)

Aims: To develop a framework for intervention assessment for AMR across One Health

Funder Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

We have funding for a 2 year postdoc to construct the framework (Nichola Naylor).

This collaboration is led by Jeff Waage and Jo Lines.